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About Community Keep Warm

Drawing upon over 10 years’ experience in the cavity wall and loft insulation industry, we are committed to tackling fuel poverty in the North West and particularly focus our resources in the Merseyside, Sefton, Wirral, Lancashire and surrounding areas.

Since February 2013 we have been carrying out Cavity Wall Insulation extractions to properties with old or failed Cavity Wall Insulation. Our advanced technique and quality have secured us various large community projects over the past 18 months which have been delivered on time and to the highest quality. Please see our Cavity Wall Extraction page for more information.


Very many thanks for every aspect of your survey and installation of wall and roof insulation.

Your employees were a credit to your company from start to finish.

E. Flynn, Waterloo

I must congratulate you on having such a good team – brilliant job thank you.

I am 84 years old but I was an engineer so know what I am talking about.

P. Loftus, Speke

Thanks for the job. Found your staff to be helpfull and more important leave a great job.

I can feel the difference already.

P. James, Woolton

What we offer

As fuel prices soar and around 4 million households experience the effects of fuel poverty we aim to:

  • Identify homes in need of energy efficient measures.
  • Deliver a fast, efficient, cost effective and in some instances free service to make homes ‘heat ready’.
  • Target properties with structural or remedial defects that may prevent the installation of measures e.g.Remove oldor failed Cavity Wall Insulation and re-insulate with new Warmfill Silver Bead, No or small loft hatches, no damp course, building defects, poor ventilation etc and where possible carry out necessary works to resolve the problem.
  • Assist tenants and home owners with energy efficiency advice and education to help reduce soaring fuel bills.

Scheme manage large housing stock to deliver energy efficient programmes for Insulation works such as Cavity Wall Insulatiom, External Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation, Central Heating.

CKW Heat Ready Initiative

Our research over the last 2 years has identified many properties that suffer large amounts of heat loss due to structural, remedial or practical barriers that prevent insulation measures being installed. This results in higher than average fuel bills and in many instances fuel poverty.

Our key aim is to target the above types of properties and help to put defects right by investing a proportion of our profits in repairs and remedial work at no extra cost to the customer*.

*Please speak to our advisors on 0800 783 8291 for terms and conditions. NB Repairs funding only applies if CKW Ltd install Loft or Cavity Wall insulation in the property.

What we believe in

Heat in the home is a basic need in every household.

Our philosophy is to address this need and help to create a warm, healthy environment for families and householders in the North West.

We also strongly believe in the wider benefits of energy saving, both in terms of climate change, the environment and reducing carbon footprint. We fully endorse the Governments ‘Act on CO2’ campaign and we are a key player in delivering the benefits all ECO funding through our working partners Npower.

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